Covid-19 Advice on managing toothache, cracked teeth, lost crowns at home

Emergency conditions will be Triaged by phone and Prescriptions can be left for collection at the Whiterose Clinic.

Attending at surgeries – you should avoid any other unnecessary family members attending with you.

On attendance you will be asked to apply hand gel, put on a face mask and gloves.

Home Care

Advised to Attend A&E [ASAP]

  1. Facial swelling that is affecting Vision, Breathing or restriction in mouth opening
  2. Trauma causing loss of Consciousness, Double Vision or vomiting

Call 111

Coronavirus symptoms

If you need emergency care and have:

  • You or anyone in your home been Isolating
  • Have Virus symptoms or Feel Unwell
  • High Temp
  • Continuous Cough


Buy temporary Dental Cement from the chemist or online and follow the instructions placing the material to fill the cavity or over the sharp tooth.

Sensitive teeth, apply desensitizing toothpaste from chemist – Colegate pro relief or Sensodyne

Rub from denture ,if obvious part rubbing use a nail file or sandpaper to ease it

Difflam mouthwash, Corsodyl Mouthwash and soothing gel can reduce gum and soft tissue discomfort – from chemist

Paracetamol or Ibuprofen can reduce pain but only if not contra indicated

Lost Crown

Buy from chemist or supermarket or online Temporary Dental Crown Material. Dry the crown and clean it, clean the tooth stump and dry it – follow instructions

Denture Adhesive Paste can also be used.

If the crown breaks off leaving no stump to reattach. it is a problem. Temporary cement around the sides may help but better removed at night in case it dislodges and is inhaled.

Bleeding Gums

Follow all the Oral hygiene Instructions given in the past from dentist and hygienist. You must maintain good Oral hygiene as normal during The Stay at Home period.

Bleeding from Extraction

Bite down on a rolled up hanky for 20 minutes, avoid mouthwashing, avoid hard food over the area, avoid smoking.

Fractures Dentures

Dental Labs are open or you can buy Denture Repair material from the chemist, supermarket or online. Follow the instructions.

Thank you and further advice

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